Friday, December 10, 2010

The "blankety blank" rug

So, here's the deal... I had the once thought genius idea to make a rug for the nursery. I saw some shaggy rag rugs at Storkland that were so cute! Being Storkland, they were out of my budget! I looked online and realized I could make one... Ugh! I researched the proper shaggy rag rug technique and started buying supplies. My intention, when I had this idea, was to use the scraps of fabric left from after Gillis made the bedding and curtains. Well, that helped about... None! I quickly realized that I was going to need A LOT more fabric! When I first started making it, it was huge! I'd say it was 5 or 6 feet long and 4 or so feet wide. One night when I was working on it while at work, I got irritated with the slow progress and cut it in half, STILL HUGE!!

I have been to Hobby Lobby several times to buy more fabric. In fact, they know me.. The VERY pregnant lady that's buying black and white and pink fabric!

I put my mathematical brain to use and quickly calculated how much fabric it takes... And, the answer... Too blankety blank much!

In all seriousness.. Here are the stats...

Rug size: 3 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 ft.
Shape: oval
Material: cotton fabric strips cut 1ish inch by 6ish inches. The backing is a latch hook tug back.

There are 175 "blue squares" that 50 strips of fabric tie onto per blue square. If you're still with me, that makes a total of 8750 strips of fabric. Another calculation... For one yard of fabric, that gives you approximately 250 strips, or fills 5 blue squares. Sooo... To complete the rug.. I'll need a grand total of 35ish yards of fabric. And, at 6.99 a yard.. That's a total of about $245! The rug at Storkland... $275! Ahhh! All be it, it wasn't as cute.. not custom, and wouldn't match the nursery like this one does... but, DANG!

And, I should learn that I am seriously not meant to do projects such as time consuming and meticulous rugs, because I'm so OCD that everything has to be even and in a pattern. No randomness, and for sure no unevenness! I did learn that good scissors are a must! I spent $14 on some really great scissors and they have been worth there weight in GOLD!

Where do I stand now, you ask? About halfway done! I've been working a lot more on it lately, mostly because I feel like it should be done before Landrie goes to kindergarten!

Here are some pictures of the progress....

Full size, after working on it the first night and 2 yards of fabric!

This is the point at which I decided to cut it in half!

I'm done working on it for the night.. I need more fabric.. AGAIN! I will waddle into Hobby Lobby and buy, what is hopefully the last batch of fabric, tonight before work. I do have to admit it is SUPER cute!

Some of my friends at work feel sorry for me and they're helping me finish it! Actually, I'm sure they are sick of the mess it's making and hearing me complain.. But, I'll take it! I'll take all the help I can get!

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