Wednesday, June 23, 2010

13 weeks

I realized that I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. I was 13 weeks on Sunday and everything is going well. I'm really tired still, which is getting old. I'm enjoying spending a bunch of quality time with Aniston. I've been off work a lot lately, so it's given us a lot of alone time. We've been swimming a lot, and packing even more! We move to our new house next week so we're excited! Pregnancy wise, I'm great! I've been having some "round ligament pains" and my hips ache after I'm on my feet a long time! Luckily I have an understanding hubs that let's me rest a lot and encourages me to take naps! I'm getting really excited about all the events to come.. I have an appointment today so hopefully I'll get to schedule the sono to find out what were having! It should be around mid July!

Here is a picture from tonight at work... My 13 week belly picture.

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