Friday, October 22, 2010

Check Up

I went to the Doctor today, and all is well. I'm a little bummed because I gained 9 pounds. That makes 20 total!! I knew the weight gain would start to pile on, but DANG! Dr. Hurst isn't concerned at all.. I'm "right on track". I feel great, and I'm getting really excited. It dawned on me the other day that I could techinically go into labor at anytime and Landrie has a really great shot at being healthy and happy! Of course, I'm not ready, and neither is she. Time is just going by so fast, and I'm freaking out the in 2 months we'll have 2 kids! I get overwhelmed and anxious about 1!! I pray everyday that God will bless me with some calm mojo as well as a healthy baby!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Weeks

I was 30 weeks on Sunday. As far as the websites say... Landrie is about as big as a head of cabbage, or 3.4 lbs and 17 1/2 inches long. She has turned head down, and she's constantly kicking me in my ribs. It's a lot of fun now getting to feel and see her kick more and more. Aunt Mal got to feel her kick for the first time last night. Aniston and Daddy are getting tired of me telling them to "come feel, hurry quick".. then she stops! I swear she can hear me and knows when they're trying to feel her. Aniston can talk to her and get her to kick.. a lot! She will also kick a light that I put to my belly.. usually my cell phone. Overall I'm feeling GREAT! Today was the first day yet that I've had lower back pain. I did some house work and painted the dresser drawers so I'm gonna say it was that.. tomorrow it will be gone! I'm having a positive attitude! Really, I have no complaints.. except the peeing.. I'm always peeing! It's getting so OLD!!

Here are a few pictures Aniston took of me tonight.....

4D Sonogram

We had our 4D Ultrasound tonight... it was amazing! We all thought her nose and mouth looked like Aniston. Aniston was so cute, and sweet! I'm so glad she got to see it! She kept saying, "Awww she's so cute! Awww she's so sweet. My Baby sister is so cute!"

Nursey Update

Daddy got the chandelier hung! It's beautiful!

The gorgeous frame that Aunt Mal made for Landrie Kay!

The drapes and dresser. Just need drawers!

Crib and Mobile I made!

View of all three!

Just a few more things to do... Loving everything!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Finishing touches

Daddy is finishing up the paint! Tomorrow we'll hang the chandelier, curtains, and blinds! I can't wait!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Daddy has been hard at work on Landrie's nursery. We had quite a big mess to cover up, so it's been hard work. Not everyone is as picky as us when they paint! He's got all the walls painted, and we'll have to touch up a few places, and paint the trim. Then we're DONE! I'm so excited to get the nursery put together! The bedding is beautiful and I just wanna cry when I see it. My Aunt Gillis is making it, so it means a lot to me also. She's almost finished with everything... I brought the Lovey home with me to see how the paint color looks and it's perfect! Aniston helped me hold up the Lovey to get a good look...

The color is bright and bold, but it's beautiful! We're going to get the chandelier and blinds/curtains this weekend as well. It will be awesome! I can't wait!