Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Daddy has been hard at work on Landrie's nursery. We had quite a big mess to cover up, so it's been hard work. Not everyone is as picky as us when they paint! He's got all the walls painted, and we'll have to touch up a few places, and paint the trim. Then we're DONE! I'm so excited to get the nursery put together! The bedding is beautiful and I just wanna cry when I see it. My Aunt Gillis is making it, so it means a lot to me also. She's almost finished with everything... I brought the Lovey home with me to see how the paint color looks and it's perfect! Aniston helped me hold up the Lovey to get a good look...

The color is bright and bold, but it's beautiful! We're going to get the chandelier and blinds/curtains this weekend as well. It will be awesome! I can't wait!

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