Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Weeks

I was 30 weeks on Sunday. As far as the websites say... Landrie is about as big as a head of cabbage, or 3.4 lbs and 17 1/2 inches long. She has turned head down, and she's constantly kicking me in my ribs. It's a lot of fun now getting to feel and see her kick more and more. Aunt Mal got to feel her kick for the first time last night. Aniston and Daddy are getting tired of me telling them to "come feel, hurry quick".. then she stops! I swear she can hear me and knows when they're trying to feel her. Aniston can talk to her and get her to kick.. a lot! She will also kick a light that I put to my belly.. usually my cell phone. Overall I'm feeling GREAT! Today was the first day yet that I've had lower back pain. I did some house work and painted the dresser drawers so I'm gonna say it was that.. tomorrow it will be gone! I'm having a positive attitude! Really, I have no complaints.. except the peeing.. I'm always peeing! It's getting so OLD!!

Here are a few pictures Aniston took of me tonight.....

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