Sunday, August 1, 2010

More pink, please!

No, its not a joke, we are having a baby girl! Her name will be..

Landrie Kay Schmidt

Daddy is a little bummed that it's not a boy, but Aniston and I are very excited! We've already started thinking of fun "big sister" things to do. She is very excited to play princess dress up, put makeup on her, help change her diapers, help give her a bath and wash her hair, give her bottles, and brush her hair. I found her a "big sister" shirt at Storkland today, and she was SUPER excited. 

Aunt Mal and I have started planning the nursery. It's going to be hot pink, black, white, damask, zebra, chenille, and all girl and glamor. We're having aunt Gillis and Minnie make the
 bedding, Mal's on a run with the decor. I've got all the furniture, and we'll paint the walls dark hot pink. I'm going to take the fan down and put up a black crystally chandelier. 

I have a picture of the sonogram from Wednesday, but I can't get our scanner to work. I'll post it as soon as I can. 

Landrie is an active little girl already! She was dancing and kicking so much in my belly that the sono tech had to follow her around and wait for her to settle down. 

All this moving and kicking is stirring up my insides. I've been more nauseous and had HORRIBLE heartburn the last few weeks, more than I did the first 4 months! I've also been fighting my allergies and sinuses, something aweful! I'm sure I'll get a cold, I usually do in the summer! Whats hard is I cant take anything.. especially the things that work! The headaches and runny nose are about to wear me out! 

I know I shouldn't complain because I've been very lucky, and I'm so blessed to be growing this sweet Landrie girl! Everyday I can feel the love increasing in my heart, and I can't wait to meet her and show her just how much we love her! 


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