Sunday, September 5, 2010

24 weeks - 6 months

I'm six months pregnant or 24 weeks along. I feel really great, and I'm getting very ready for Landrie to be here! I went to the doctor Wednesday and I've gained weight... 11 pounds total. Not bad, I'll take it. My biggest complaint right now is clothes. I have nothing to wear to work, one pair of jeans that fit, and I live all the rest of my time in pajama pants and a shirt that shows my belly.. which isn't cute!

I can feel Landrie moving lots, but daddy and big sister can't feel her well yet. Aniston can't be still long enough and Randy get impatient.... soon enough she'll be moving my belly all around.

I've noticed a few differences with this pregnancy. I have had some symptoms this time I didn't have with Aniston. HEARTBURN being the main one! It's miserable and irritating. I've resorted to taking Zantac once a day, which helps! Daddy has also been getting sympathy heartburn along with me. I don't feel sorry for him and his 2 tums a day habit.. puhleeze! I've also had really bad pregnancy acne, or "pregnancy mask" this time. When i was pregnant with big sister, my complexion was perfect! People will tell me all the time.. "Your face looks flushed"... nope, its just this bump on my belly making it glow!

I've craved some weird things along the way.. most notably: McDonalds french fries, chocolate chip cookies, grape soda, Salt & Vinegar chips, pickles (not with ice cream), Chicken Teriyaki bowl from Jack in the Box, Reese mini cups, Olive Garden salad, ham & cheese sandwich with real mayo, and most important MILK! I can't get enough milk! I drink 4 or 5 big glasses a day at home.. 2 or 3 before bed.. and another if I wake up with heartburn!! We have the little blue half pint cartons of milk (like in Elementary School) at work.. I drink 5 or 6 a night at work! Everyone I work with laughs at me and make sure the fridge is stocked! This week I'm really loving toast or bagels with Apple Butter.. of course I fix some scrambled eggs and a big glass of.. you guessed it, MILK!

Aniston is getting SO excited about her baby sister! She tells us everyday how her job is to change the diapers! Fine with us, and we'll see how long that lasts! Our good friends just had a baby boy, their second, and Aniston has been obsessed with seeing him. He was born on Wednesday and she has asked everyday if she can see him and hold him. When we finally did get to see him, she wouldn't let anyone else hold him, and didn't want to give him back. She was so AMAZING with him. She was sweet, loving, and gentle. She was so focussed on him and his every move. Any time his face moved, she would giggle and smile. I've been excited to see her with Landrie, and now I'm even more excited!

I've been getting information about my maternity leave from work, which won't be long enough, and I was relieved to know that I will get paid short term disability while I'm off. It's only 60% of my salary, but WAY better than nothing! I'll get to be off 6 weeks.. December 13th to January 31st. Dr. Hurst's plan is to induce me Monday the 20th, if everything continues on track. His words.. "so we'll all be home for Christmas." Love that man!

I need to update my belly pics soon... next time I fix my hair, I'll do that! :)


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